NIH, NIGMS Fifth Biennial National IDeA Symposium

of Biomedical Research Excellence (NISBRE)

Scientific Agenda

June 16 - 18, 2014
Washington, DC
Omni Shoreham Hotel

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NICL Agenda for NISBRE 2014

Special Meeting Highlights

The Doctor Is In: One-on-One Confidential Mentoring
Scientific Idol

The Maciag Award
The Maciag award is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Maciag, an internationally recognized cell and vascular biologist.  Dr. Maciag was an innovative scientist, artist, outstanding mentor to young investigators, and an excellent educator of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  Tom had a profound impact on everyone with whom he came in contact.  He trained and profoundly influenced a generation of scientists involved in the fields of angiogenesis, growth factor biology, proteases, growth control, and development.  As a mentor, he was stern but supportive, insistent but compassionate, and always caring.  As a colleague, he was generous, supportive and always guiding people to find the best in themselves as scientists and human beings.  He had uncompromising ethical standards and intellectual honesty, qualities that he insisted upon in his colleagues and students.  The intent of this award is to recognize individuals who exemplify Dr. Maciag’s ideals of research excellence and innovation and his commitment to mentoring new scientists.  The recipient will be an individual who has used COBRE support to its maximum benefit and has established independence through this program.  The recipient will receive an award and will present their research at a special session of the National IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research (NISBRE).

Click here for Eligibility and Nomination Guidelines for the Maciag Award.
Deadline for nominations is: April 18, 2014

The Sidney A. McNairy, Jr.  Award
The community of scientists and students from 23 states and Puerto Rico who participate in the Institutional Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) program, a subdivision of the Institutional Development Awards (IDeA) program offered by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), dedicates this award to Dr. Sidney A. McNairy, Jr.  

Dr. McNairy’s career accomplishments include notable contributions to basic science research in biochemistry as well as to planning and administration of national research initiatives. In the past decade, serving as Director of the Division of Research Infrastructure for NCRR, Dr. McNairy developed and implemented an entirely new concept, which was that research opportunities for students and faculty in states that traditionally have had limited participation in the nation’s biomedical research agenda deserve expansion and significant support. Within this program, Dr. McNairy considers strong mentoring to be a central and integral component of the systems that lead new researchers to choose careers in biomedical research.

The intent of the Sidney A. McNairy, Jr., award is to honor Dr. McNairy for his insight and leadership as well as his translation of these concepts into solid, practical initiatives that have had a major impact on the emergence of robust biomedical research and well trained researchers in the traditionally underfunded states.

Click here for Eligibility and Nomination Guidelines for the Sidney A. McNairy, Jr. Award.
Deadline for nominations is: April 18, 2014

Young Investigator Travel Awards
This award is intended for Young Investigators in the COBRE Program. The symposium will award a number of $1000 travel awards to help defray the cost of attending NISBRE. Recipients will be selected based on rating and peer review of submitted abstracts. Candidates must be the first/presenting author on submitted abstracts.

Student Travel Awards
This award is intended for Students in the INBRE Program. The symposium will award a number of $1000 travel awards to help defray the cost of attending NISBRE. Recipients will be selected based on rating and peer review of submitted abstracts. Candidates must be the first/presenting author on submitted abstracts.

Core Personnel Travel Awards
Ten travel awards for core personnel will be offered to encourage attendance at the NISBRE 2014 meeting. (see above)

This award is intended for core facility personnel in the INBRE, COBRE, or CTSA program. The symposium will award ten (10) $500 travel awards to help defray the cost of attending NISBRE 2014. Recipients will be selected based on rating of a personal statement explaining how attendance at the NISBRE 2014 meeting will enhance your core operation and professional growth (email the statement to; a core poster abstract submission is also required of each applicant.

Travel award requests must be submitted by April 21st and awardees will be announced May 5th.

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Program Chair's Welcome
Dr. Charles Irvin

Greetings and welcome to the website for the 5th Biennial NISBRE. On behalf of the NISBRE executive steering committee we invite you to Washington, DC to celebrate the successes of the IDeA (Institutional Development Award) program of the National Institute of General Medicine (NIGMS). NISBRE is the National IDeA Symposium for Biomedical Excellence that showcases the scientific and training accomplishments of the IDeA program of NIGMS. IDeA develops scientific centers of excellence and trains biomedical scientists in the IDeA eligible states. Currently, the IDeA program consists of two very different programs, the COBRE and INBRE.  Two years ago we witnessed the creation of a new IDeA program, the IDeA-CTR, Intrastructured for Clinical and Translational Research. These groundbreaking NCRR initiatives have led to novel paradigms in the organization of scientific programs and training for productive research careers. 

NISBRE is the Biennial National IDeA meeting that will be held in Washington DC at the Omni Shoreham  Hotel on June 16-18, 2014. 

The central theme for NISBRE 2014 will be IDeA for Best Practices in Training and Career Development.  

Some of the reasons to attend are: 

New Sessions this year include:

  • The Doctor Is In: One-on-One Confidential Mentoring

  • The Early Afternoon Talk Show with Charlie Irvin: COBRE Best Practices(Guests TBA)

  • Scientific Idol Show (Winner will receive a fabulous prize!)

  • The Today Show with Carolyn Bohach: INBRE Best Practices(Guests TBA)

The program this year promises a high level of scientific presentations, enthusiastic participants and a friendly atmosphere with open discussions and exchange of ideas on science and training. The scientific and training agenda is plenary presentations, keynote presentations in selected areas of scientific investigation, poster presentations of IDeA scientists, discussion forums and workshops. The workshops are designed so that the attendees acquire either new scientific or career skills. These exciting sessions have been included based on the high positive evaluations from the last three meetings. 

We have many planned events and other opportunities designed to focus on students. We are planning to host a student-oriented poster session on Monday evening, June 16th; we plan again to offer student travel awards for meritorious abstracts (see panel on left), we will have the Sidney McNairy Jr. Lecture that features a deserving INBRE faculty mentor (see details under awards), Science Idol Competition on Tuesday Night and lastly workshops designed with the student in mind. 

We will once again have the Thomas Maciag Lecture honoring Tom Maciag and a distinguished COBRE investigator which was one of my own personal highlights from past meetings. 

Network of IDeA-funded Core Laboratories: We are excited to announce that NISBRE 2014 will once again offer a parallel program that focuses on the management and technical issues faced in the operation of INBRE- and COBRE-funded core facilities. NICL (Network of IDeA-Funded Core Laboratories), an organization of these core laboratories, has programmed three workshops that will discuss best business practices in core operation, how to integrate computational techniques into your next generation sequencing pipeline, and how to write a successful instrumentation grant. All workshop sessions will be designed to be interactive and encourage exchange of the unique challenges and successes of IDeA-funded core laboratories. 

So you can see, NISBRE has something for everyone and not just the IDeA community. Attendees to the NISBRE 2006, 2008, 2010 & 2012 meetings frequently remarked about the high quality program, opportunities for networking and the educational value of NISBRE.

So, come to Washington in June and join in the fun and the outstanding science of NISBRE!