NIH, NIGMS Fifth Biennial National IDeA Symposium

of Biomedical Research Excellence (NISBRE)

Scientific Agenda

June 16 - 18, 2014
Washington, DC
Omni Shoreham Hotel

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The Thomas Maciag Award

The Maciag award is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Maciag, an internationally recognized cell and vascular biologist.  Dr. Maciag was an innovative scientist, artist, outstanding mentor to young investigators, and an excellent educator of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  Tom had a profound impact on everyone with whom he came in contact.  He trained and profoundly influenced a generation of scientists involved in the fields of angiogenesis, growth factor biology, proteases, growth control, and development.  As a mentor, he was stern but supportive, insistent but compassionate, and always caring.  As a colleague, he was generous, supportive and always guiding people to find the best in themselves as scientists and human beings.  He had uncompromising ethical standards and intellectual honesty, qualities that he insisted upon in his colleagues and students.  The intent of this award is to recognize individuals who exemplify Dr. Maciag’s ideals of research excellence and innovation and his commitment to mentoring new scientists.  The recipient will be an individual who has used COBRE support to its maximum benefit and has established independence through this program.  The recipient will receive an award and will present their research at a special session of the National IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research (NISBRE).

Eligibility and Nominations

1) Candidates for this award will be nominated by COBRE Principal Investigators and Program Directors.  Nominations should include a letter stating how the candidate exemplifies the ideals of research excellence and a commitment to teaching and mentoring the next generation of scientists.  Accompanying this letter should be a complete and updated curriculum vitae.  Five finalists will be selected, and interviewed by telephone.  The winner will be chosen on the basis of letters of nomination, scientific accomplishments and results of the telephone interview.

2) Candidates for this award will have established independent investigator status (R01) through support from the COBRE programs.

3) Candidates will have outstanding publication records indicative that they will become nationally recognized leaders in their field.

4) Candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to mentoring students and postdoctoral fellows.

5)  Candidates will be articulate spokespeople for the IDeA program.

Selection Process

The NISBRE Award committee of five will be appointed by the Principal Investigator of the NISBRE with the approval of the Organizing Committee. From the nominations the committee will select up to five finalists, who will be interviewed by telephone conference by at least three of the award committee members.


The following guidelines will be used to select candidates for this award:

  1. The candidate may have received independent funding for their research program as a direct result of COBRE support, and
  2. shows evidence of successful research productivity and recognition by the community of scientists via research publications, presentations and/or service.

Special emphasis will be placed on the candidate's accomplishments in:

  1. designing successful mentoring plans,
  2. sharing their mentoring skills with students and trainees
  3. facilitating successful outcomes for their mentees, and
  4. serving as articulate spokespersons for the IDeA program.

The awardee will deliver a 30-minute talk to the attendees at the NISBRE meeting that focuses on personal experiences with research career development and mentoring.

Nominations should be sent electronically to Roxanne Hall at